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Basketball Slam

The Freeport Phantoms are selling Basketball Slam tickets for our fundraiser. You can support us by clicking on the ORDER TICKETS ONLINE image to purchase! Tickets are $10 each and you are entered to win Cash Prizes! This fundraiser follows the March Madness tournament. You have 4 NCAA basketball teams on your ticket. If your 4 teams scored the most or least total points through the tournament, you win! Orders will be emailed to you. If you would like to purchase paper tickets, and get a free appetizer to Pub 219, contact Andrew Stewart at 815-275-1015.  Thank you for your continued support of the Freeport Phantoms!


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Winter Workouts

@ Fitness Lifestyles

Every Tuesday, 7-8 p

Freeport Phantoms Youth Football & Cheer

Phantoms means doing things the right way.  That's how we teach football and cheer.  We want to do it the right way while having fun in the process.  Heads Up isn't just a title, its the way we teach it here.  

Everything our organization brings in, goes back to the kids.  That's what it's all about here. We don't think of ourselves as a football/cheer organization, we are a community organization.  We  are teaching the youth in this community not just how to play football or how to cheer, we are teaching life lessons so we can have better students, brothers, sisters, friends....citizens.

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Contact Us

Freeport Phantoms

Phone: 815-275-1015

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