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Phantoms Football

While we are in unprecedented times, there are many questions about youth sports. While football is still months away, I know it's difficult to deal with the unknown.  We are in contact often with the president of our league who then is in contact often with the head of Pop Warner and USA Football. There are no news or decisions made as it pertains to anything related to our upcoming season, but there are discussions on contigency plans.  While there is this unknown, we as an organization have the mentality that our season will not be deterred. 

We welcome anyone to call a board member if you have any questions about registration and return policies in the event this unknown circumstance extends and limits our season.  

We hope you all are staying safe and active.  We would love to hear about any interesting ways Phantoms players are keeping active.  Post your children doing football drills.  

Thank you for all your support for Freeport Phantoms!

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Freeport Phantoms Youth Football & Cheer

Phantoms means doing things the right way.  That's how we teach football and cheer.  We want to do it the right way while having fun in the process.  Heads Up isn't just a title, its the way we teach it here.  

Everything our organization brings in, goes back to the kids.  That's what it's all about here. We don't think of ourselves as a football/cheer organization, we are a community organization.  We  are teaching the youth in this community not just how to play football or how to cheer, we are teaching life lessons so we can have better students, brothers, sisters, friends....citizens.

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